A BeReal app, a new social media platform, has recently achieved significant popularity. The application notifies all users in a given vicinity to take a shot (using both the front and rear cameras) within two minutes. All of this so each user may “be real.” Due to the short time required to submit a photo, this can result in the disclosure of important, legally protected information. This is owing to the fact that so many photographs uploaded to the Internet are taken hastily and without any consideration for their content. Thus, a great deal of sensitive information may fall into the wrong hands and cause harm to persons who may not even be aware of the breach. Due to the rise in popularity of social media, it is necessary to evaluate how it may compromise our personal information and privacy.


The popularity of BeReal could spell doom for employers

BeReal poses a risk to data privacy security mostly owing to the app’s guiding principle, which is to “be real.” Upon receiving a notification, we should promptly take a shot with both cameras to expose our true selves, without hesitating to regard our appearance or the appearance of our surroundings. This is intended to be a change from the artificiality of other social media platforms, where people attempt to appear flawless at all costs.

Even while the concept is excellent and has numerous uses in socially neutral situations, this could lead to a number of data protection breaches. In the course of a typical 9-to-5 office workday, the notification will surely arrive during those hours, and the photo will almost certainly display any protected email address viewable on your work laptop. Sounds harmless? According to the GDPR, even an email address is deemed personal information, and its disclosure by the data processor constitutes a violation of the law. In addition, far more sensitive information about the organization where we work may surface on our displays, and its exposure to the Internet may result in a variety of negative results.


BeReal is not the only harmful social networking site

It is crucial to remember that the development of the BeReal app does not set a precedent and that other well-known social media platforms have compromised the privacy of our data for
a long time. Posting information about one’s location, place of employment, friends, and other seemingly innocuous details on these portals can be exceedingly risky.

This information can heighten the risk that hackers, businesses, and cybercriminals will mine your data in ways that compromise your privacy. Using the specific knowledge and specialized software, unauthorized users of this data can quickly connect several dots in order to conduct
a targeted hacking attack. The implications may be serious but also extensive, as they may affect a huge number of people who are unaware of the data breach, such as those who have authorized specific firms to process their personal information.


What measures can we take to safeguard our privacy on social media?

Obviously, social media provide numerous benefits that should be completely utilized. However, you should be cautious and aware of the risks when using entertainment apps. Contrary to popular opinion, simple safeguards may make it considerably more challenging for potential cybercriminals to access your data for malicious purposes.

Before posting any material on social media, you should always think twice. A smart approach is to provide only the information that is absolutely necessary. Additionally, you should be conscious of the content of the images you upload online. It is important to ensure that it does not contain any sensitive information or other content that should not be accessible to the public. Some applications allow you to share specific information, but only with a restricted circle of close friends. Use a strong, unique password that you store in a secure password manager. Avoid using social media on public devices or the public Internet network. Even though the aforementioned procedures require relatively little from us, they could be crucial if we become the target of a hacker attempt.


The best way to summarize the above is to state that the appeal of social media usually blinds us to the risks it poses. Because of this, awareness of potential hazards is much more vital. Thus, we can both defend ourselves against hackers and effectively counter them if we become their target.







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