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Benefits of Using Data Breach management Tool

Not only does DBMT create a central repository for all data incident reporting information, but it also allows Data Protection Officers (DPO) the ability to assign tasks within their teams, track a breach response in-progress, and keep valuable deadlines in check from an easy-to-use dashboard.

DBMT automates the labor-intensive processes involved with risk assessments and matches a given incident with the appropriate privacy regulations, presenting recommendations on the next steps to take and advice on which mitigation measures must be put in place.

DBMT automatically identifies who needs to be notified, as well as when and how the appropriate notification must be submitted for each incident. Additionally, it generates risk reports and submit them to the DPO via the dashboard, email, or through the mobile application.

Businesses that rely on DBMT to assist in the difficult process of complying with privacy protection regulations such as GDPR are investing in a level of protection they desperately need and have never had before.

DBMT represents a necessary step forward, a response to the privacy laws and cybersecurity concerns that are placing undue pressure on businesses around the world. DBMT allows businesses to protect their profits and guard their reputations in an increasingly dangerous information sphere.

Stress Free Decision Making​

Thanks to the automated risk assessment and the remediation action provided by DBMT a Privacy Team, a DPO or a Board of Directors can timely, easily and stress free understand, manage and respond to any personal data incident or breach!

User Friendly Dashboard

Facilitate monitoring of ongoing activities

Incident Reporting Templates

Simplified way to report and identify incidents

Automated Risk Assessment

Fast and Accurate evaluation of incident risk level

Data Breach Management

Effective way to manage and respond to data breaches

Data Incident Registry

Self-generated incidents and breaches repository

Breach Reporting Support

Assistance in data breach notification to authorities

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