Responsibilities under the GDPR are broad, covering not only the handling, processing, storing, and communication of personal and trace data, but also appropriate breach response and management. This creates a complex set of challenges for data privacy teams who, despite their best efforts, will never be able to protect their businesses from every threat on the digital horizon. Hence, the real question is when will the next breach occur and, is your team prepared to manage it effectively once it does.

The risks of improperly managing a privacy breach are high, but unfortunately not uncommon. A data breach puts immense pressure on a company to complete a lengthy and at times ambiguous to-do list of GDPR requirements which often takes up too much of the precious 72h time window allowed for reporting.

If you want an intuitive and transparent design for your privacy, here are 3 reasons why Data Breach Management Tool should be your choice:

    1. You won’t have to worry about ambiguity in the interpretation of legislation or data breach guidelines. DBMT’s automated risk assessment will provide you with a completely objective risk score as well as clear precedent-based recommendations on how to proceed following your breach.


    1. You will be using an intuitive platform tailor made for your profession’s specific needs. DBMT was created for professionals by professionals to cover all your legal requirements and extend an unparalleled level of understanding for your needs and responsibilities as a DPO. We’ve been there too, so we’ve got your back now!


  1. You will find all your data and all necessary guidance in one safe place. You’ll be able to bid farewell to messy Excel spreadsheets, prone to corruption and human error. DBMT’s repository will automatically log your breaches helping you meet your GDPR requirements and saving you valuable time in such a time pressured moment. And it’s mistake-proof!

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